After the Fire

ceramic art by
VICTORIA FALCON | Teacher + Ceramic Artist 


Working through this series, I am attempting the address ideas of home. Home is not as simply defined as the dictionary would you lead you to believe. Homes include the people and experiences that abide within four walls. The series, After the Fire, attempts to express my own personal memories of home, while allowing viewers to remember the various homes in which they have lived during their lives. Long after we are physically gone from this planet, our homes will still stand, holding the memories of our lives within their walls. To create each piece, each tile (house) is cut from a slab a clay that has been imprinted with keys, from there it is bisque fired and raku fired individually. After all of the tiles have been fired, they are laid out and assembled, like a puzzle, onto wooden supports.

After the Fire




After the Fire II 


 After the Fire III


Le Petit

Victoria Falcon
I am just another twenty-something chasing her dreams. The difference between me and others my age is that I call my dreams my goals--my plans--and, so far, I’ve been able to live my dream. I am inspired by artists who have come before me. I’ve always liked to study history, including art history. Looking to the past, I can see what has been done before, and, often times, I wonder how I could do it better. Currently, I teach art, which not only allows me the time to create, but also, in a way, forces me to continue making my own art. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas for my students, which, in turn, inspire me to make my own art.