As Trees Dress for Autumn

Creative Writing | Poetry

As Trees Dress for Autumn

AS TREES dress for autumn
In shades of red and gold
We should catch their dress
Before leaves crinkle and grow old.
Slipping gracefully from trees
In autumn’s majestic blaze
Leaves dance in symphony
Awakening senses through nature’s haze.
The symmetry of her form
Commanding to behold
Presenting a show of splendor
In purple, scarlet and gold.
Mountains awash in tones
The ground a colorful delight
I shuffle softly through heaps of leaves
As old sun plays games with light.
Languishing beneath the canopy
I want to frolic and play
Till the moon creeps behind the trees
Signaling end of day.


Photograph by Nicholas Matich

Shelly Sitzer
Shelly Sitzer graduated from Brooklyn College in 1963. She worked as a vision therapist, before moving to Charlottesville, VA. She enjoys many forms of artistic expression, including writing poetry and short stories, creating oil and acrylic nature scenes on canvas, and making music on the piano. She has performed in many classic musicals as an actress and singer, both on the Long Island and Charlottesville community theater stages. She believes that each day should be enjoyed with the help of creative expression.