art and poetry by
SHELLY SITZER | Vision Therapist + Artist 



oil on canvas 

An Awakening

MY garden is awake this morning;
So that I can hardly sleep.
A noisy bullfrog sits by the pond,
Crows and blackbirds call from
outside my window.

Big, splashing goldfish create a
Each time they surface the pond.
As a curious cat watches intently,
Batting her tail from side to side.

It is only March;
But in my dreams, May is here.
Thinking I am awakened by stirring
in the yard.
I rouse to discover it’s only a yearning
for spring.


A Winding Road

A WINDING road in springtime
Delights with unexpected surprise.
All that is to come
Is just around the turn. 

Black-eye Susans, thistles, wild roses
Dwarf delicate violets hugging the ground
Shading an open field
Where bees find enticement everywhere.

Surrounded by wild daisies
Butterflies of many hues
Beckon us to follow them
To the next bend in the road.