Bone Dry

a poem by
SUZANNE COTTRELL | Educator + Writer

 The contrast between the Southwestern landscape and Piedmont North Carolina inspired “Bone Dry.”  Each landscape has its unique beauty.

Photo by Robert Murray

SCORCHED, barren land
Blasts of arid wind
Blood orange dust swirled.

Sizzling worn, pitted sandstone
Withered desert marigolds
Moisture depleted.

Sunbaked skin
Parched lips
Unable to utter a word

Scent of dampness
Somber thunderhead
Momentarily hid the sun.

Sank to her knees      
Cocked back her head
Squeezed closed her eyes

Tongue extended
Yearned for a taste
Dirty tracks etched her face.

Fleeting deluge
One cloud breathed life
Into her desert.

Suzanne Cottrell
My primary writing inspiration is nature and its sensory stimuli. My writing enables me to appreciate my natural surroundings and capture moments that might otherwise be forgotten. My husband and I live with our three rescue dogs in rural Piedmont, North Carolina. I love the rolling land and the variety and abundance of wildlife and plants. As an outdoor enthusiast, I particularly enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, and gardening. My flower beds are full of perennials and yard art. As a retired teacher, I pursue life-long learning and advocate for the nature and the arts.