Creative Writing | Poetry


WHEN I open a book and read
Words do not come to me easily.
First, they break into morphemes,
and then in syllables.

Then the whiteness of the page disappears
And blackness comes into being.
With a gradual play of black and white
Comes knowledge and meaning.

Photograph by Elise Matich

Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi
Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi is assistant professor of linguistics at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, India. His research interests include language documentation, writing descriptive grammars, and the preservation of rare and endangered languages in South Asia. He has contributed articles to many Science Citation Index journals.

His most recent books are A Grammar of Hadoti (Lincom: Munich, 2012), A Grammar of Bhadarwahi (Lincom: Munich, 2013), and a poetry collection titled Chinaar kaa Sukhaa Pattaa (2015) in Hindi.

As a poet, he has published more than 100 poems in different anthologies, journals and magazines worldwide. Until recently, his poem "Mother" has been published as a prologue to Motherhood and War: International Perspectives (Eds.), Palgrave Macmillan Press. 2014.