a poem by
JAMES CROAL JACKSON | Tech Professional + Poet


I tend to write existential food poems when I’m feeling down, and this is one of them.

I FORGOT about the Honey Nut Cheerios
I left on the counter in the kitchen.

Brought it to my room after my coffee,
grains soggy, milk sweet. Tried eating it 

anyway but fell apart in sugary disintegration.
So I gave up. That’s usually what happens–

a few bites and that’s enough. I let it sit,
let it warm in the morning’s cool, gradual rise

to afternoon heat thinking about the satisfying
crunch it should give me, how I could have clamored

for seconds. I caress the silver spoon in deep
to slow splash and clank. This is what it becomes:

a pool of not-good-enough and I can’t will myself
to lift the ceramic altar to my lips to drink. I stare

at bottomless milk and know I live somewhere drowning
in this disappointment treading out to some delicious

shore somewhere only I know how to live, but here’s
this stale frothy white, stagnant in my bowl,

and me hovering lamenting stressing
over something fixable.


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Photograph by

James Croal Jackson
Since childhood, James Croal Jackson has put artistic expression– writing, music composition, filmmaking– at the forefront of his life. He is inspired by everything around him, whether it be his car, a basketball star, or a new relationship. He works in tech in Columbus, Ohio, a city whose art and poetry communities are thriving. The friends he has made through these scenes keeps him honest in his work and striving to become better.
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