installation art by
DAYNA TALBOT | Flight Attendant + Artist

It was through my desire for a sense of quiet that I began to adopt a processed base practice. Using materials and repetition, the process became obsessive and personal through the recurring stitching, wrapping and tying of various fibers and paper pulp. 

As an artist, ritual and repetition instill a sense of security and harmony for me, which in turn brings order to chaos. 

It was here that I allowed myself to create a space that reflected self through the aging, rusted steel framework tied together with the disparate fibers that constitute the encounters in life. 

As a result, I discovered that the dichotomies of order and chaos encompass both an internal and external dialogue in my life and work.




Flight Attendant + Artist

In the aftermath of 9/11, United Airlines struggled, and offered their flight attendants leaves of absence. In 2004, at the age of fifty, I decided to take this opportunity to pursue my BFA at MassArt. While at MassArt, I worked on visual art projects referencing 9/11 and the healing process. In 2014, I began a MFA program at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, at the age of 60. It was through the MFA program I began to work conceptually, researching the connection between spirituality and the artistic process. I have realized that both myself and my art are rooted in contradiction. Allowing myself to be vulnerable to a new way of producing work meant accepting the chaos which comes with life and the unknown. As a result, the work investigates my environment, individual experiences and objectives, and traces of intimate(or unique) memories in life.

In both my personal life and artistic process, I strive to find a balance between construct and intuition. The prints, paintings and sculptural pieces focus on expressive mark making, color and form. The work investigates psychological space, memories, experiences, loss, and healing. My intent is to engage the viewer with the materials, as well as with the visual aesthetics.

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