and other poems by
JAMIE MERRIGAN | Actress + Poet

 These poems explore a feather (“Crow”), a spider web (“Stitches”), and my own frailty when it comes to fitting into the world around me (“Jagged”).

Photo by Michael Podger


I FOUND a feather in the snow
Burnt out ember in the ashes
Like a rip in winter sheets
Gapping, raw
Wanted to dip my fingers
Into the dark
Mingle with the hidden other and find
A new world after
The sun has sunk.


I FOUND in a cobweb vein
The gauzy structure of
Chance and opportunity
That woven wonder so small and thin
Lacework and lattice work
Stitching the wound
of two trees together


I DREAM in tattered Technicolor
Of matted silhouettes sketching out the storm
Making their way through a Matrix march
Alluding all sense of the word reality
And I must stumble on
Picking out paths through this teacup tangle
Reading the tarot cards upside down
Pretending I am fluent in this insanity
Till I trip and jolt back to this waking world
But I am a piece odd angles
Jarred and out of place
In a reality not made of me




Actress + Poet

I live in Newfoundland, Canada and I am an artist, actress, and poet. I love big sweaters, rainy days and lemon pie. Nothing makes me happier then reading in a thunderstorm. I also cross country ski and have a soft spot of snowy, gray days. I find inspiration in the natural world. I often compose peices in my mind while doing “busy work” or while I walk from place to place. I try to find beauty in the simplest things. 

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