Dead, but Never Forgotten

a poem by
FARIS FAROOQUI | Engineer + Poet

This poem is inspired by my life. Some people come to this world and lock all the sh*t that happens to them in the afterlife, without telling a soul. Giving away the best of yourself to everyone makes you hollow, one good deed at a time. Being an industrial engineer, I’m quite distant from the professional arts sector, but sometimes, the most beautiful thing in life is to be listened to, to be empathized with, even if it’s just for once, and I think poetry is quite a beautiful expression of that.
Photo by Hannes Wolf
“DO you ever get that feeling? 
Like all your life you’ve been misunderstood?
People only hear what they want to know,
That hate, they ignite within you,
Like a body made out of firewood,
When will this blackbird ever stop following me? 
I look alive to these people,
But only these birds know,
‘There’s a dead man walking’
They close in, swallowing me.
This pain should come to a rest now,
I give away pieces of myself ,
Hoping that each one of it would bring me peace,
But all that’s left now is misery and decay,
Like an insignicant event in the course of history,
I would soon cease to exist,
But I hope with all my heart
Those pieces that I gave away,
Will echo in eternity 
Like those shiny stars that you see at night,
Dead but never forgotten.”