“Desert Memories” and “Change”

a painting and poem by
RACHEL GALBREATH | Writer + Artist 

 This painting is derived from memories of visiting the ghost town of Jerome, Arizona, when I was 12.

Desert Memories

4″x4″ mixed media on paper


CAN you spare

to take me there

through a waste

of time

with small purpose?

can you spare

a small change

of design in disfigurement

when time lurches?




Writer + Artist

Rachel Galbreath seeks to “scar” her work into the mind to be interpreted by the participant during the process of viewing and reading. She seeks to perfect the phenomenon of experience and visuality with brushstroke, line, color, and word.

Raised in the middle of 220 acres of forest, on what used to be a farm and orchard in Ohio, as a child, Rachel Galbreath was afflicted with many illnesses including skin disorders. After being ostracized by strangers who looked upon her visible “sores” as contagion, at the age of two, she started to paint. Her first paintings, made with Prang watercolor sets, were on rocks, which she gathered and later titled and gave to people, creating her first participation in the world of fine art.

After transferring colleges from Kent State University to Pratt Institute, she worked in all area of fine arts and media. Her employ varied from decal work for Tiffany’s and the White House, set design, art student portfolio evaluator, and as an assistant in a painting conservation studio.

Unfortunately, upon completion of her first large body of work she was told the main medium she had used in every piece would fade away within a few years, leaving a pale impression of what once was–ultimately just as her many childhood illnesses would.

She has been in several shows (regional, national, and international), chaired and curated exhibitions, worked at museums, and been on the board of directors for the largest artist-run non-profit arts organization.

Enjoy more of Rachel’s work at rachelggalbreath.com, or her blog, rachelgrace2014.com.