a poem by

  My creativity is closely connected to my experience of raising two special needs children. I find that writing through the pain helps me to step out of it temporarily and to (hopefully) bring something meaningful to my readers who may relate to my story.

Photo by Oscar Keys

THE atmosphere in the house is a drought of normalcy.
fleeting moments of respite from the storm
the sudden, cool relief of a rain shower
in the middle of a hot, dry summer.
I relish the unexpected sprinkle,
knowing that it will stop as abruptly as it started,
leaving a vapor trail, like the ghost of something just out of reach.
I drink from the river that flows so tenuously
and revel in the beauty of the longed-for mundane.
I’ve come to appreciate the gift that so many take for granted,
brief sun showers interspersed with the rainless thunderstorms
that fill my home and heart
with deafening jolts of sound and jagged bolts of electric energy.