Every Night I Died in the Depths of the Cold and Brutal Sea

and other poems by
SYED MUZAMMIL | Advertiser + Artist

The following are musings that I share in the hope that they may inspire. 

Every night I died in the depths of the cold and brutal sea

EVERY night i died in the depths of the cold and brutal sea.
Exhaling slowly as i watch
my last breath trapped in a bubble
reaching for the surface,
while i drown.
surrounded by darkness unable to feel myself
nor my self…
One night as i walked towards the tranquil sea
i saw the moon lying on the shore,
the sky that used to be full of stars
and galaxies was empty…
there was nothing,
not even a single dust in the air.
The moon asked me to stay for a while
before i went to kiss my death
so that i witness life and also
told me love stories of the universe,
how everything fell in love with everything.
How butterflies drunk in love flew…

She stood there motionless

SHE stood there motionless
waiting and slowly falling back
in the valley of her newly found memories
skipping a beat
every time she wandered back
finding herself still.
If only she let herself listen
to what she stood in front of.
Even i could tell that the mirror never lies.

These awkward moments have their own charm

These awkward moments have their own charm.
The excitement, the smiles,
the slow gaze, the slow talks.
Half of the me is lost in searching
for the right words
while the other half is lost
in you.

She loved standing behind doors, windows, and curtains

She loved standing behind doors, windows, and curtains.
Hiding herself and Looking
at the world with one eye.
No wonder if she is smiling
or if she feels happy
or just lost in her wildest thoughts.
The only witness are those doors, windows and curtains
who still keep this as a secret…

Syed Muzammil
I am from Pakistan, but am living in Saudi Arabia. My inspirations are the momentary details that fill my heart with eternal love. I am not a full time writer (I work as an art director in an advertising agency), but I love to write whenever I feel like it. I write mostly at night. When the world tends to sleep, I tend to seek beauty in the night to fill my soul.