for mary

a poem by
BILL HASSELBERGER | Investment Banker + Writer

 I wrote this poem about my beloved wife, Mary, who tragically died two years ago, after 15 long years of suffering.

Photo by Adrian Infernus

SO sure i saw you
in the coldest part
of the woods,
in what was left of
the uncomfortable quiet
of an early morning.
you were impossibly
young and beautiful,
and seemed to shimmer
in your new presence
surrounded by the darkness.
so hopefully,
i stared…and waited.
and waited.
i think you saw me,
but then…
i dared
to take a tentative step.
perhaps a mistake.
only the woods
and some deer i had missed
and a dark hole in the universe
where you had been.
why did you go?
and why did you not
call for me to come?
i had absolutely
no idea of where
we would go.
(how could i?),
but it didn’t matter.
i would have left everything
that very moment
and followed.
tomorrow, i’ll be there again
and the day after that,
and the day after that.




Investment Banker + Writer

Bill Hasselberger recently lost his beloved wife of almost 35 years, Mary Dunham. Together they have 3 children. Bill has been a professor, diplomat, lobbyist, PR executive, real estate developer, financial advisor, stock broker, and investment banker. Bill has advised three Governors of Central Banks, and, with his family, has spent most of the past 30 years working in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He speaks fluent Portuguese and German, and has a PhD in Philosophy.