Geometry and Fragility

ceramic and installation art by
JADA KEERAN | Student + Ceramic Artist 



Gold and White Geometric Basket

porcelain with gold luster 

This basket was thrown on the wheel and then carved using a geometric pattern. After the glaze firing, gold luster was applied and the basket was fired for the third time. 


I have always had a love for geometric shapes, and have been heavily incorporating them into my work since freshman year of college. One day, I loosely drew a carved-out form in my sketchbook, and decided to make it into a 3-D form. I do not do any preliminary line work to mark out my carving path on the pieces. Each cut piece is built upon the last cut piece. It is like a complicated puzzle that can easily be destroyed if I’m not extremely careful. There’s a lot of risks involved, but it makes the results so much more gratifying. These pieces are my favorite to make and always provide a unique challenge. 


Transparent Perspective

photography/installation art

This piece was made by cutting individual pieces of Plexiglass, painting on each layer, and then assembling it together inside the carefully constructed wooden frame. 

“Transparent Perspective” was originally created to express the fragility of America’s family structure, and, more especially, how childhood sexual abuse can shatter a family. It began as a comment about how we look at people, but we don’t really see; how we talk to people, but we don’t really communicate. I wanted to create a window in which people had the chance to see another person in a new perspective, and to show the many layers that one has to look through to truly understand a situation. Traumas like sexual abuse are not something that people want to talk about, much less address. Sexual abuse is a taboo subject in society, and many think their loved ones will never be affected by it. I want to shatter that view and replace it with one that has created an open and honest dialog among family members, no matter how difficult the subject is. 

I used glass to show the fragility of both individuals and families. Glass also provides a window in which you see another person, while looking through complex layers of geometric shapes. The black layer is an abstraction from a piece of bone in the skull, and represents our skeletal system. I chose to focus on the bones surrounding the brain because it is where we make our decisions. For change to occur in family life or the life of an individual, the brain is where the decision will need to be made. The second layer is red, and represents the muscular structure; the third layer is blue, and represents how we see the blood in our veins; and lastly, the gold layer represents our flesh. Though all these layers are different in function, without any one of these layers, our body falls apart, just as families fall apart if individuals fail to work together and communicate properly. Embracing those differences is what can help mend the broken bonds of our family structure today, and help to build strong connections in the future.

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