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In the competitive, compartmentalized, modern world, it can be easy to neglect the creative impulses that make us human. We put aside our sketching and scribbling to pay our bills, raise our children, serve our communities, and pursue our ambitions. The Remembered Arts Journal is a forum for reviving almost forgotten artistry. Its purpose is to encourage readers and contributors rediscover the joy of creating and sharing works of art.

The Remembered Arts Journal promotes creativity in three ways:




The first task of making art is making time. The Remembered Arts Journal publishes a monthly, online magazine, which offers contributors both a reason and a timeframe for completing otherwise put-aside projects. Journal subscribers will receive notifications when submissions are due for each upcoming issue. Become a subscriber. Learn more about submitting work to The Remembered Arts Journal.


Creative Space

Creativity requires a particular kind of space. An artist’s studio must be at once private enough for personal discovery, and public enough for constructive discourse. The Remembered Arts Journal offers subscribers the opportunity to establish such a space, in the form of a user profile. Profiles include a gallery for media uploads, as well as an activity stream for posting updates on new creative ventures. Subscribe to create your user profile.



Art connects communities. Yet, we often fall into the habit of relating to colleagues and friends only on the level of shared professional or domestic experiences. The Remembered Arts Journal offers subscribers access to a social network dedicated to connecting people on an insightful, creative level. Subscribe to begin sharing projects with friends, meeting fellow artists, creating groups, and more. 

The Remembered Arts Journal is now accepting submissions in the following categories:

  • Visual arts
  • Creative writing
  • Performing arts
  • Crafts
  • Design

Email submissions, along with a brief description of the piece (title, medium, technique, inspiration, etc.) to editor@rememberedarts.com. If you maintain a blog, website, Esty shop, etc., and would like a link published with your submission, please include it in your description.

Note: To protect your work, a small watermark containing the artist’s name and the year of publication will be added to all published images. If you would prefer to use your own watermark, please feel free to do so.

We have all forgotten what we really are. All that we call common sense and rationality and practicality and positivism only means that for certain dead levels of our life we forget that we have forgotten. All that we call spirit and art and ecstasy only means that for one awful instant we remember that we forget. –G.K. Chesterton