If You Have Forgotten Joy

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If You Have Forgotten Joy



Photograph by Elise Matich

Marianne Peel
I am a writer, a teacher, a mother, a musician, an activist. My creativity is inspired by everything around me, everything inside me. I practice Qigong and try to be mindfully aware of all aspects of my life, from drinking a cup of tea to dancing to music from the street markets of Nepal. I also realize that my writing is largely what will remain after I am gone, what I will leave behind. I have four daughters, and want to share who I am with them through my poetry. Sometimes I write everyday, other times I write in manic spurts. I am no longer carrying around a satchel of student essays to grade, as I am now retired from teaching middle and high school students. I spent those thirty-two years nurturing the voices of my students. I always wrote along with my students. Now, at this time in my life, I am able to explore my own voice even more.