Industrial Penetration Series

Visual Arts | Mixed Media

The art I create represents what I personally find visually stimulating. I have always had an appreciation for architecture, engineering and technical drawings. For some of my artwork, I draw on ideas from highly detailed images from Renaissance artists, such as Albrecht Dürer, and visual concept styles from certain motion pictures. I have also been influenced by minimalists and abstract painters, among others.


I very much enjoy working off of exposed canvas for the purpose of visual enhancement. Currently, I feel that a white background is necessary for what I want to communicate because of the sharp contrast between that background and the elements involved in the work. I am also fascinated by fine lines, bold colors and primal textures, and how I can incorporate those to enhance the composition.


When someone observes my artwork, I want it to be stimulating and atypical. It has to make you react in a certain way. Everyone has a visual “combination lock,” if you will, that when unlocked enhances life for that person.