It’s About Time. It Most Certainly Is.

a Spencerian sonnet by CHAD M. HORN
Assisted-Living Director + Poet

TIME to put away my words so clever
Time to abandon all rhyme and/or form
Time to embark on a new endeavor
Time to march boldly into the March storm
Time to change my temperature from lukewarm
Time to be happy and re-adjusted

Rehearsals are over: Time to perform

Time to break open old wounds encrusted
Time to break loose old nuts that are rusted
Time to run with studs in thundering herds
Time to realize that ‘Boom-Or-Bust’ busted
Time to stop hiding behind clever words
Time to take my bow, now draw the curtain

Certainly time to not be uncertain
Time to find the solitude of Merton
Time is now to finally unburden

Photograph by Elise Matich