Just Relax

a mixed media image by
CHARA BROWN | Bartender + Artist

I used a collection of sketches and journal entries on paper, glue, gesso, and more writing to create the background. From there, I drew a selected figure over the created background, unifying the piece. 


FEAR not, dear friend, but freely live your days
Though lesser lives should suffer. Such am I,
A lesser life, that what is his of sky
Gladly would give for you, and what of praise.
Step, without trouble, down the sunlit ways.
We that have touched your raiment, are made whole
From all the selfish cankers of man’s soul,
And we would see you happy, dear, or die.
Therefore be brave, and therefore, dear, be free;
Try all things resolutely, till the best,
Out of all lesser betters, you shall find;
And we, who have learned greatness from you, we,
Your lovers, with a still, contented mind,
See you well anchored in some port of rest.

Robert Louis Stevenson, “Fear Not, Dear Friend, but Freely Live Your Days”