Milkweed, Late December

a poem by
KELLY DUMAR | Psychotherapist + Poet


Every day I walk in the woods and take pictures to post in my blog. Once my images are assembled in my blog gallery, I spend some moments attuning to any spontaneous thoughts, feelings, ideas that resonate from the photos for my personal life. What is this picture about for me, here and now? Then I draft some fairly spontaneous poetry or prose, post it, and go on to revise extensively later. 
The image of this husk, actually taken in November, just after the election, surprised me as soon as I placed it into my blog – suddenly, I saw the husk wasn’t empty, as I’d originally thought. There was still attached, one seed, holding on to an empty husk on the verge of winter. This sparked the first draft, and, after many revisions, this final poem, Milkweed, Late December

YOU are a seed
one, in particular
I am empty
of milk, a weed
wintering husk
a country, you belonged
August was sun sealed
your pouch, my plenty
November is blown –
you are fastened
to ruin, so what
if you waste your one
your only

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Photograph: Milkweed Husk, One Seed by Kelly DuMar
Kelly DuMar
My poetry is inspired by daily life, family life, love of nature and my nature photography. I write poetry from a strong sense of place - I live in the woods on the rural/suburban Charles River where I walk daily. #NewThisDay is my daily nature photo and creative writing blog where I compose very rough drafts of what moves and inspires me. Reflecting on the natural life cycle by taking pictures of plants, river, woods, swamps and meadows, allows me to reflect on my own process of growth and change, aging and new beginnings. I appreciate how nature teaches me to appreciate each step, each moment. Every day is a new, creative inspiration. Every photo I post and share is fresh from my photo stream each day of every season. I also teach creative and expressive writing, locally and nationally, often on the process I've developed - Writing Truth & Beauty - Using Your Personal Photos for Creative Inspiration. My work as a leader on the board of the International Women's Writing Guild and the Transformative Language Arts Association is driven by my passion for inspiring others to express their truth and beauty creatively in the world. I'm thrilled that my newest poetry and prose chapbook, about my father's Alzheimer's, "Tree of the Apple," is upcoming this month from Two of Cups Press.
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