Purple Ascendance

a painting by 
KYTAIN | Caregiver + Visual Artist

A few years ago, I met a cancer survivor, Katrina. Katrina always presented a smile and kind words, through chemo and all the hidden struggles that those who fight cancer deal with. A little over a year ago, while talking with Katrina, the song ‘Purple Rain’ came about as a subject, and we discussed what it meant to each of us. And while listening to her talk I came to feel that she wished to break free of the confines of her illness and body, to rise and dance like the free spirit that was at her core, above the harshness of her life. It was from the blending of the song “Purple Rain” and my conversation with Katrina that the first visions of the painting that would come to be titled “Purple Ascendance” came.

 Art should always reflect emotion and speak to things words sometimes can’t contain. Sometimes that meaning is a dark thing from a dark place. Other times it is full of sunlight and hope. But for myself, I feel the greatest challenge is to look into the darkness and see if I can’t bring forth some light—to discern the beauty in the struggle. “Purple Ascendance” began with the words of Prince’s classic song, but as I worked the paint, it became more about Katrina and the restrained spirit I saw within her wanting to burst free and dance in even the darkest rain—to bring forth a beautiful light—to laugh in the purple rain.

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