Restorative Cloudburst

a poem by
SUZANNE COTTRELL | Educator + Writer 


During the cold winter months, I lead a more sedentary lifestyle. The indoor confinement tends to sap my energy. I find thunderstorms both therapeutic and invigorating, especially those signaling the arrival of spring as I look forward to gardening. 
THE waning bitter cold
Having penetrated bones and soul
Having dehydrated flesh and blood
Having drained energy
Towering cumulonimbus
Darkening shadows like a shroud
Envelop weathered souls needing repair
Rhythmic pitter-patter upon slate roofs
Attempting to lull bodies to sleep
Turbulent winds intensifying
Precarious branches snapping
Thunder rumbling and booming
Warm unsettled air circulating
Restless bodies stirring
Erratic lightning streaking
Across a cobalt blue night sky
Electrical charges
Stimulating the living
A thunderstorm signaling
Spring’s rebirth and nourishment
Photograph by David Moum