call for submissions, winter 2018

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…But in the darkest, meanest things
There alway, alway something sings.

‘T is not in the high stars alone,
Nor in the cup of budding flowers,
Nor in the redbreast’s mellow tone,
Nor in the bow that smiles in showers,
But in the mud and scum of things,
There alway, alway something sings.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

This winter, Remembered Arts will consider the possibility of joy. In the face of doubt and disaster, we nonetheless acknowledge the reality of pleasure. Even in the midst of intense suffering, we accept the solace of temporary happiness. Yet, what about that deeper thing, joy? Is joy possible? Does it, as Emerson suggests, endure, even in the “mud and scum of things”? If so, what is its source? How can we experience it?

Submissions deadline: December 1, 2017

All submissions will be considered for both our winter quarterly issue and weekly edition. We will contact you with our decision prior to the publication of the winter issue. Please note: we are no longer accepting email submissions. Please follow the link below to submit online. 


General Guidelines


“We have all forgotten what we really are.” -G.K. Chesterton

The aim of Remembered Arts is to encourage the rediscovery of what it means to be human—a meaning bound up in the practicality and poetry of our daily experience. We offer a synthesis of real life and real art, recognizing our readers and contributors as whole people, rather than as mere consumers and creators. We are interested in artists who embrace the intersection of their practical and creative selves, and who consider life’s tragedies and trivialities through an awareness of beauty and a reverence for meaning. 

We publish a quarterly issue, The Remembered Arts Journal, and a weekly edition, Consider. All submissions will be considered for both publications.

We accept submissions in the following categories:

  • creative writing (including poetry, short stories, scripts, and creative non-fiction)
  • visual arts
  • performing arts
  • design

We do not place limits on the length, or on the number of pieces an artist may submit for each issue, but we do ask that each piece be in keeping with our quarterly theme. Our preferred file types are: .docx, .pdf, .jpeg, .png, and .mp4. Please include your name in the file name of any attachments. Email the editor with any questions, at

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I hear from you?

For all material submitted in advance of the submission deadline, we will send a publication decision before the publication of the next issue. Materials received after the deadline will be considered for the following issue.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions or previously published material?

We do accept simultaneous submissions. We ask that you inform us immediately if your work has been accepted by another publication. Previously published materials will only be considered with the written consent of the publisher.



Do you offer compensation?

The Remembered Arts Journal is a completely free publication, created to encourage artistry at all levels. In order to keep subscriptions free of cost, we do not offer financial compensation to our contributors.

What are your terms of publication?

If your work is accepted, you will receive a contract for the rights to publish it. Under our terms, contributors retain the right to republish their work. We ask to be informed prior to the republication, and to be acknowledged as the original publisher. Our full terms of publication may be found in under “Intellectual Property” in our site-wide terms of service.



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WE HAVE ALL FORGOTTEN WHAT WE REALLY ARE. All that we call common sense and rationality and practicality and positivism only means that for certain dead levels of our life we forget that we have forgotten. All that we call spirit and art and ecstasy only means that for one awful instant we remember that we forget.

G.K. Chesterton