The Connection

an image by
VINCENT BUSH | Caregiver + Artist

“The Connection” represents speaking with love to one other, and how powerful that connection can be. This design is done in Illustrator.



Caregiver + Artist

Name is Vincent Bush “VCAB”. I create art that’s all about love. It’s that simple. Some background about me: when I graduated college I thought about ways to make my art unique and I asked myself, “what is the most important thing in my life?” The answer is love, and I believe the heart is the universal sign for it. As a result, I have been motivated to create heart designs, so that I can continue to remind people about this key ingredient in life. Right now, I live in a community called L’Arche. It’s a community of people with and without intellectual disabilities who share their lives together. We support each other in daily life activities.

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