The Human School

Winter 2017 | Remarks

EVERY ARTIST schools himself in the skills of his craft: the painter sketches, the author drafts, the actor rehearses. Yet, few would define art as pure technical ability. Skill produces artifacts, but artistry generates something more. Art, for all of its practical rigors, is deeply impractical. It does not offer shelter or sustenance, but draws us into an encounter with the mystery of our humanity. In this sense, the professional artist is at a disadvantage relative to the teacher, nurse, parent, or priest who tries his hand at creativity. Practitioners of these unglamorous occupations must daily confront human ignorance, weakness, dependence, and doubt with patience and devotion. Such artists learn primarily in the school of the human person, taking night courses in the studio of technical achievement. Their insights into suffering and redemption are lived, rather than researched or imagined. The result: art that is reflective, unpretentious, and profound.

I am honored to present Winter 2017 as an exhibition of art from the Human School. Our artists have graciously allowed Remembered Arts to share glimpses of their personal and professional lives in tandem their creative endeavors. By revealing the human context of our artists’ work, we hope to invite our readers to experience each piece as a reflection of the innate beauty of the human person. Encounter and enjoy.

-Elise Matich

Image: The Artist’s Studio by Camille Corot (detail)