Things I’ll Never Say

inspirations in cloth and verse by
RIDA KHANUM | Textile Designer + Writer

The following images are part of my 2016 thesis project in the department of visual studies, at the University of Karachi. My thesis topic was ‘DENIM RE-IMAGINED’. I incorporated structure weave in denim by playing with the heddling and paddling of twill weave so the fabric doesn’t loose it’s strength. This concept is new for the local and international market. I explored handloom and jacquard loom. All of the piece pictured are water repellent, denim fabric.

 I WONDER why peace escapes me?
It’s like I lack air.
Is it me, or the ocean of my thoughts make me feel small?
Like I could swim for my entire life and not get out of it at all.
It’s so dark within me that it all turned into blackness.
a part within me left unexplored,
longing for peace and stories untold.

The cold breeze touched my heart, as if it was trying to tell me
about beauty that lies within her, you don’t see it but feel it.

The secrets a sundown holds, the peace that a sunrise moulds.
The swaying trees and singing birds and the sound of waves as it kisses the shore.

My heart pounds, as there is more to explore than can ever be done.

Rida’s designs will be available soon at her forthcoming website, weft&warp.