To Have Loved and Have Not

a poem by
ARTHUR LAMAR MITCHELL | Conservationist + Writer

 Among other things as love, courage, compassion, and nature, I’m moved by the ephemeral and tenuous hold we have to everything, including life itself.

Photo by Andrew Small

OF those I have loved–
Not brief loves that were left behind,
But those I had long loved
Big-hearted, compassionate, and hard to find,
Through good times and bad I called them friend.
Most have passed leaving only love desired.
Of the few left that I had long admired,
Not all remained true in the end.




Conservationist + Writer

As a writer–songs, stories, a novel, most anything is grist for my mill. That said, nature gives me the greatest inspiration, and of course the varieties of love, pain of loss, passage of time, honor, courage, and devotion. My poetry has been set to music for voice in three genres–classical, jazz, and techno.