Vinyasa Yoga Dance Flow 

choreographed and performed by Sarah Prejeant, to Light a Fire by Rachel Taylor

My name is Sarah Prejeant. I am a yoga instructor, and I also love to dance.  Before my wedding, my husband and I spent many hours in a ballroom studio learning various ballroom dances. I decided to combine my love of yoga and dance. I choreographed this Vinyasa Yoga Dance, and taught it to 5 other women. We then performed at the local ballroom studio’s showcase dance. I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment to watch my creation come to life on the stage. As a mother, I think it is easy to lose your identity, to neglect the things that you used to love. It is important to me that I continue to pursue the things that bring more passion and enthusiasm into my life. I feel that it helps me to be more enthusiastic and passionate in my parenting.

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Cover photo by Becca Kueny