Warm Tattoos (I never knew you could lie so still)

a poem by
RORY FRY | Preacher + Poet

 This is a poem of lost love due to the disease of addiction.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa

WARM tattoos
Falling flat
Color me pale
As the sky grows black

I remember smiles
And laughter loud
Working the back alleys
Hungry but proud

Often you spoke of freedom
A golden route out
But as we waited for midnight
We drank that dream down

Life slowly diminished
To a crooked spine
I could touch your bones
And you numbered mine

Our uncanny romance
Was destined to fail
Because of distracted actions
From chemicals that derail

I last saw you
In that stale recovery room
A testament to young arrogance
And a future of ruin

Those warm tattoos
Now laid to rest
No more twilight banditry
No more shortened breaths

Warm tattoos
Overtaken by thrills
Ever anxious
I never knew you could lie so still




Preacher + Poet

I write to help others and to be of service to the lost and hurting. As a lay preacher/minister, I am blessed to integrate poetry into my sermons through my ministry, Reformed and Recovered. I self-published a collection of poems and prayers earlier this year called, The Renovation: A Collection of Poems, Prayers, and Polemicsto have something original to hand out to the less fortunate, as I minister in the streets. My ultimate aim is the glory of God.